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Why do you Need a STYLISH Pepper Spray Bottle?

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Have you been carrying an ordinary pepper spray bottle with you for a long period of time? How many times do people find out about this safety tool that you carry for self-defense?

There are times when you are cleaning your bag in front of your friends or going through random stuff in your purse and people see your pepper spray bottle and realize that you actually carry one all the time.

What if you are meeting your Tinder date for the first time and you don’t want him to know about this self-defense tool you are carrying for your safety? No one can be trusted in today’s world – trust me when I say you can trust no one at all!

Thus, it is always good to carry a good and branded pepper spray bottle that promises to give you confidencethat you can really save yourself if you ever fall in a scary situation.

“But why would I ever need a stylish pepper spray bottle?” You ask.

Companies like Pepperface sprays are manufacturing stylish pepper spray bottles. Firstly, if your pepper spray bottle is stylish, people won’t come to know about what it is. Even if you are caught messing around stuff in your bag and someone looks at the bottle in your hands, he or she won’t realize what it is, unless you share the truth.

Secondly, if your pepper spray bottle is fancy, you feel great about carrying it everywhere you go. Since it is sleek and designed to slip into your jeans pocket as well, you don’t need to depend on all those heavy weight bottles that scare you with their looks. A fancy bottle makes you feel great and releases positive energy.

Thirdly, some restaurants might check your bags and not let you carry an obvious pepper spray bottle. The good thing about carrying a good looking bottle is that even the security guards do not come to know what it is. You can take it with you wherever you go. It becomes your best companion.

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