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Which Style of Prom Dress Will Suit you the Best?

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Prom nights is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. The dress, the hair does, make up, the bling associated with the event is very exciting and of course it comes with a price tag. However, your expenses depend on how fancy you want it to be. Some spend a fortune on the dress, while others manage to find the right one within their budget.

Let’s take a look at the different options of dresses available that are suitable for prom night

Illusion Gowns – If you are planning to go for the sophisticated look, these should be your choice. In such gowns, even with a hint of skin show, you will look really classy and glamorous. Illusional gowns are commonly embellished with laces and beads.

Open back gowns– If you want to flaunt your curves, go for the open back gowns and make a bold statement.

Strapless cocktail dresses– These dresses are flirtatious and fun. You will find a variety of such gown in different fabrics and designs. The ones with extensive beadwork give a spotlight to the wearer.

Fishtail Gowns– The mermaid or fishtail gowns give the ultimate feminine look. Such gowns hug on to bust, waist and hips, giving you the hour glass shape. You may choose one with a halter neck or go for a backless one.

Asymmetric Dressesprom dress with zig zag hemlines are quite in vogue. Their distinguishing feature is back being longer with a shorter front. Swirl around in a gorgeous asymmetric dress and be the talk of the event.

Baby doll dresses– These cutesy outfits are tight on the upper body and a loose low fitting, almost shaped like a tutu skirt. Team it with a nice pair of heels and show off your lovely legs.

One shoulder dresses– These dresses have only one shoulder strap, which is either sleeveless or full sleeves and are usually long. Go for a solid colour and use the right accessories to look really elegant in your party.

Types of sleeves

All of these above dresses come in different sleeves. They could be cap sleeves, covering only the shoulders and the upper arms, or may just spaghetti straps, which are thin straps with no sleeves at all. Some dresses have Juliet sleeves that are puffy near the shoulders and narrow downwards/


You must choose a dress with neckline that suits you. Sweetheart necklines are popular that look like the top of a heart. Boat necklines are trendy and gives a very sharp look.

It’s pretty common that you will start planning months in advance to find the right prom dress, surf the Internet, flip through style magazine etc. No matter what they say, you must remember that right style for you is what suits your body type and makes you feel confident. There’s no point investing in a gown that makes you uncomfortable so much so that you wish the night to get as soon as possible.

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