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Tips for Choosing the Best Gymnastic Leotards

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Looking for gymnastic leotards for your little champion, but you are not sure where to start. The following tips will help you get the best kids gymnastics leotards.


Selecting the best gymnastics leotards depend on buyers’ taste combining function and fashion. The right leotard is the one that balances between being close-fitting and not very tight. You want something that will make you safe and confident as you make your moves. A leotard that does not make your gymnast feel restricted is all you want.

The purpose of the leotards

You should know if you need it for competition or just for practice. Competition leotards are typically solid fabric or showier pieces. They could also contain numerous crystals which reflect the athlete’s movements. When it comes to practice leotards, they can be simple which resembles a one-piece bathing suit. They come in varieties of prints and patterns too. Practice leotards can be a little bit loose while the competition ones are made to look like a second skin.

Back design

Each gymnast has a different taste when it comes to back details of a leotard, and you should, therefore, ensure not to leave this aspect out. Consider the one that suits your style. It could be having camisole straps, an open back or have a racer back. If it is for an older gymnast, they may decide to put on a bra under the garment, and therefore an open back might be a bad idea.

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Sizing the garment

Like other street garments, sizing of leotards can differ from brand to brand. Before purchasing the clothing, it is recommendable that you try it out in your local shop. If you are ordering it online, review the sizes on the display charts before making the order. The essential measurement is the length as the rest may just fit in. This will save you from the stress of having to take to a tailor shop for adjustments.

The fabric of the garment

Keep this aspect in mind when selecting size. This is because some materials stretch while others do not. For example, the metallic fabric does not stretch, and you will, therefore, experience a tighter feeling on wearing it. If you have sensory problems, try lycra.

Also, some fabrics wear faster than others. To keep it in good shape for a long time, try machine wash. Also, make sure to use the right detergent that suits the fabric. The type of fabric you choose is the primary determinant on how long the leotard is going to serve you.

Following the mentioned tips will see you get the type of leotard you dreamed of for your kid. If you have any questions concerning leotards for kids, we can help you make a buying decision to ensure you get into great fitting gymnastics leotards. Make an order with us today.


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