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Rivoli Crystals Czech Glass Beads

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History of Czech glass beads

Czech glass beads are historian beads which came into effect due to the fallout of the World Wars. Northern Bohemia where it got its roots from had been the European glass manufacturing abode since the 12th century mainly because it was abundant in the raw materials such as sand, quartz, potash, and trees required for making glass before it became part of Czechoslovakia. It wasn’t up until the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution, that there was a mass development of glass beaded jewelry which was produced at cheaper costs due to the availability of raw materials obviously, as well as a manual labor force. Families within the Czechoslovakia region have been involved in the production of these glass beads, and also it exports around the world.

Czech glass beads have evolved over time and widely known all around the world for their delicate, refined and noble bead craftmanship. They have made pieces of jewelry that are widely acclaimed a beauty to behold because of its vivid color, designs, and trends they have followed to date. Being the oldest type of beads, they have formed the standard for all other glass beaded pieces of jewelry coming to the market subsequently. There are so many Czech pieces of jewelry out there, but we would be focusing solely on the Rivoli Crystals.

Rivoli Crystals

The Matura family, have invented these sublime pure form of these glass bead, and have continuously been evolving these technologies over the past decades. They have given birth to the MatuboRivoli Beads crystals, and they are situated in the Czech glassmaking region..

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Rivoli Crystals are exquisitely made with colorful appearance, shapes, and sizes. They are sculptured out of lead-free Advanced Crystal, fire-polished to give a lustrous consistent finishing. They come in 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm sizes having unique colors with the reflective quality of the foiled backing enhancing their sparkle. They do not have holes in them making them sturdy. It has the advantages of lightweight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, excellent chemical stability and so on.

Rivoli crystals are highly refractive and can be used for reflective fabrics, apparels, coatings, handicrafts, beaded embroidery, shoes, necklace or bracelet you’re trying to create. So if you are looking to get the best beads available on the planet today, the MatuboRivoli crystals are appropriate for your elegance and deliver the quality you have been accustomed to.

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