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How to get holographic nails in no time

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The unicorn nails have become one of the great manicure trends, for their super elaborate fantasy designs, which are so great to wear a manicure out of series. In addition, they also stand out for their color and ornaments.Go to love unicorns as imaginary creatures that lately, we have also seen in all kinds of clothes and accessories. Inspiring them to decorate your nails is a very original idea.But you may not know where to start Holographic Nails as it should.

Check out the most popular nail designs with unicorns on the web, and decide which of them goes best with you. Or get inspired to create your own design that fascinates you.The effect, dust and everything that has to do with the Unicorns is fashionable, and from manicure24 they have wanted us to be up to date with their new novelty Unicorn effect powders for our nail designs and to be able to pamper our clients with the best.


The following designs will impress you with their color and texture, which remind a lot of these mythological beings that we love so much. Which of them will you encourage to try?


These magical animals can be present at Holographic Nails or in your manicure in great ways, either through silhouettes or more elaborate designs. And always full of color. The bright colors and pastels, are the most popular to accompany the unicorns, which make us think of worlds full of fantasy and glamor. Just look what effect you can achieve on your nails, following these sensational designs.All the products that I have used in today’s tutorial I recommend a lot and you will see at the end of the video that I have prepared for today how well they work, since I have added a video clip of the application after 20 days so you can see the result, it’s spectacular, do not miss the step-by-step tutorial on how to make Nails Unicorn effect on permanent enamel base in color blur.

  • The first step is always to prepare our natural nails, filing and preparing cuticles.
  • We apply a layer of first Ultra bond
  • We apply a layer of Base Volume and cure in lamp
  • We do the color blur I have used the mint cake
  • We apply a layer of Chrome Base and cure in lamp
  • We apply the pigment to the touch with the applied one and then we rub it well all over the nail
  • We apply a layer of Base and Gloss
  • We apply a layer of finishing gel
  • With the Oval brush as an enamel
  • And we clean with cleaner
  • We apply a massage with cuticle oil

And this is the step by step tutorial today, do not miss the video because the effect that is appreciated on camera and how it has endured me for 20 days is worth seeing, thank you very much for reading and if you liked sharing it in your social networks in order to reach more people, thank you and see you next time

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