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Get your high quality musical instrument at Schmitt Music Co. in Minnesota

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Playing musical instruments is the perfect hobby where you can relax and at the same time enjoy some good music. This type of hobby needs energy, time, and of course money. Musical instruments are pricey but worth it. Aside from understanding music and notes, playing musical instruments can enhance your language capability, speech, concentration, attention, and memory. In addition to that, playing musical instruments promotes a positive atmosphere and fights stress. If you’re interested in this hobby, you can check Steinway Pianos for sale at Schmitt Music.

About Schmitt Music

Schmitt Music Company offers a variety of musical instruments such as saxophones, flutes, trombones, trumpets, violins, guitars, ukuleles, electronic drums, keyboard, and pianos. They have eight stores in different places is Minnesota like in Minneapolis, Duluth, Rochester, and Virginia. Aside from Minnesota, they also provide musical instruments in other states.

Their staff is composed of 400 professional musicians, and they provide a high quality of musical instruments. The company mostly sells pianos, keyboards, and band and orchestra instruments. They also offer repair and maintenance services for your musical instrument.

Pianos at Schmitt Music

Schmitt Music is considered to have the most significant and complete set of pianos. They offer acoustic, upright, vintage and used pianos. These pianos are known for its quality. They provide famous piano brands such as Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Boston, Essex, Lyrica, and QRS. If you’re interested in purchasing an acoustic piano, you can visit any Schmitt Music store or browse their site for more information.

Aside from acoustic pianos, they also offer vintage and pre-owned pianos. This type of piano is well-maintained and well-restored. Apart from these pianos that are unique and rare, they provide high-quality music performance in spite of the classic age. To know more about these vintage pianos, you can contact Schmitt Music through this link

Other instruments offered

Aside from pianos, they offer a variety of musical instruments for a band and orchestra. They provide high-quality band musical instruments like saxophones, flute, trombone, and trumpets while in orchestra musical instruments they offer great violins.

They also offer guitars available both in acoustic and electric. They provide well-known guitar brands like Fender, Martin, Guild, Cordoba, Tanglewood, Ibanez, Epiphone, and other brands of guitars. Aside from selling high-quality guitars, they also offer group guitar and ukulele classes. If you’re interested in joining the guitar classes, check this link.

Schmitt Music Private and Group Lessons

If it is your first time at engaging in playing musical instruments, Schmitt Music offers private music lessons at an affordable price. Students can choose any device at Schmitt Music by its terms and conditions. There will be no hidden charges, and you can return a musical instrument and ask for an upgrade.


Playing a musical instrument is a great hobby. This hobby can be your best talent and can bring you fame. Schmitt Music is the best place where you can buy high-quality musical instruments. Aside from that, they offer private lessons which can boost your skills in specific musical instruments. You can try checking Steinway pianos for sale, one of the best brands of pianos so far. If you have any concerns and inquiries regarding the musical instrument in Schmitt Music, feel free to take a visit to their website.

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