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Factors That Affect Body Piercing Prices

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The prices of body piercing aren’t fixed. They keep changing from time to time as well as from one piercer to the other.  If you have taken some time to monitor piercing prices, you likely have been left wondering why there is so much difference in these prices. To help you better understand the reasons body piercing prices vary, these are some of the factors that affect body piercing prices.

The Piercers Skill Level

One key factor that will determine how much you will pay for body piercing is how skilled the piercer is. A piercer who has successfully managed to serve hundreds of returning customers will likely price their services higher than a piercer who is just starting out.  In short, more experienced piercers who have mastered the art of body piercing will charge for not because they are experienced but because of the quality of services, they always deliver.

The Piercing Method Used

The amount you are going to pay for the body piercing services offered by certain piercers will also depend on the method used. Piercers who have experience and expertise in using hollow needles will often charge more compared to those who only know how to use piercing guns. Hollow needles often promise more accurate, clean, and less painful piercing experiences. The fact that hollow needles don’t cause much pain and complications, paying more won’t be a bad idea anyway.

Your Preferred Jewelry Metal

All jewelry metals don’t cost the same. Jewelry made of precious metals obviously cost more than those made of lower-quality metals.  If you want your pierced spot to be fitted with a gold jewelry, you should be ready to pay more compared to if you choose to wear stainless steel made jewelry.

How Cool The Piercing Place Is

Getting your piercing done in the coolest and trendiest places will often risk you paying more. A place is cool and trendy; it obviously means that the piercers working in such places have invested huge amounts of time and money to make them look such cool. So, they have to charge extra in order to recover some of their money back.  The condition and nature of such places are often amazing so paying shouldn’t be a bother considering the level of comfort and fun you are going to enjoy while getting your body pierced.

The Location Of The Piercer

Just like in every other business, piercers who operate in big towns often charge more for their services. This is basically due to the fact that the cost of living in such places is higher and the amount they pay for the rental rooms they use as piercing centers is higher.  Piercers operating in upcountry towns often charge a bit lower considering that they pay less for the rental rooms they operate from. If you live in big towns, it will be best you get your body pierced there. Traveling upcountry to get the local piercers to do the work will end up doubling the piercing price. So, it is best advice that you get the piercing done where you can comfortably afford to pay.

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