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Affordable package and mail forwarding services

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With the development of technology, e-commerce is booming and industries are going online for attracting customers. With the advent of e-commerce, the products, and services offered by any business reach far beyond their local administration and their consumer base increases. Consumers too benefit from the convenience and great deals offered by online vendors.

Sometimes the search for amazing deals on products take people to various websites and they get a wide range of products on these websites. But if they don’t ship to your region, you may have to discard your shopping cart and lose the benefits from the great deals. To prevent this from happening, Planet Express, an US-based mail and package forwarding services will get your delivery in your place in the US and forwards it to you in your region.

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To avail services from Planet Express, you will need to sign up with them. You will get your warehouse address and account number so that you can use it as your own US shipping address for online shopping. All your packages will be safely stored and confirmed at this address before shipping it to your address wherever it may be in the world.

Benefits of Shipping with Planet Express

  1. With Planet Express, you get up to 80% discount on shipping rates and with their consolidation services, shipping costs will go down further.
  2. You will get an account on registration and a warehouse address to deliver your order at that location.
  3. Manage your packages through the online account and avail special services at affordable prices.
  4. You can avail many services with your account like photo and consolidation of packages.
  5. Make photo request to confirm the contents of the package.
  6. Special requests like extra bubble wrap and security tape for the security of your package is available.
  7. All the pricing information is made transparent with no hidden charges. Pay what you owe, nothing more.
  8. Their customer services are user-friendly and highly experienced.

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