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3 Best Reasons Why It Is Advisable That Kids Should Play With Dolls

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A baby doll is a wonderful toy that every child (even boys) should have and play with during their toddlerhood. This is because this simple-looking toy has a great potential to amuse as well as teach children a lot. Let’s see why all children should play with dolls.

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1. A Range of Skills

By playing with baby dolls, children get a lot of opportunities to develop various skills, like fine motor, cognitive and self-help skills. Children usually find it easy to practise these skills on something or someone else before practising them on themselves. So, in addition to buying toys at, for example, remember to buy various dolls too.

Since boys usually develop some self-dressing and fine motor skills later than girls, it’s important for them to get more opportunities to practise in the form of dolls. Examples of these opportunities are:

Dramatisation: By two to three years, kids normally start to act as if their dolls can understand what’s going around and interact with them. They may want to perform many actions in series like feeding and bathing the doll and then putting the doll to bed. This type of dramatisation is highly important for their cognitive development.

Undressing: Kids often love to try clothes on their dolls before they try on themselves. Usually taking clothes off is mastered before putting them on. Removing clothing items like hat, shirt, socks, shoes, pulling down pants, using a pincer grasp for unzipping and undoing large buttons are useful in teaching them how to remove their own clothes.

Dressing: It can be tough for children to get clothes on but by dressing their dolls they find it much easier. Common clothing items that kids can first try on dolls and then on themselves are hats, shoes, zipping with some help, putting on a shirt, pulling pants up and buttoning.

Feeding: With pretend play, children develop skills. Naturally their self-feeding skills develop too. Pretending to feed their dolls enable them to hold and use feeding items properly such as, cups, spoons, bowls, forks etc.

Bathing: Giving doll a bath is great for practising sequencing skills, like first filling up the tub, then putting on shampoo and then rinsing hair, etc. If the doll isn’t allowed to wet, kids can pretend water and other things.

This is also great for eliminating the fear for bathing in some children. You will feel proud and happy when your child will express a wish to take a bath on her own.

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2. Developing Language Skills

Children look at their dolls as other human beings and love to talk with them. This offers them a lot of opportunities to develop language skills. These are just a few language skills they develop because of dolls.

Body Parts:Dolls are indeed great for teaching children the names of various body parts. You can teach him these names without a doll too, but having an actual example of them makes learning so easy.

Clothing: Kids can also learn the names of various clothing items with dolls.

Grammar: While performing various actions with their dolls, children learn how to use various phrases like putting on clothes, taking clothes off, going for a bath, putting to bed, and so on.

Asking and Answering Questions: You can ask your kid various questions that will help him understand these words and will be able to answer them. For example, you can ask “Where’s the baby?”, “What isthe baby doing?” or “Why is the baby crying?” and so on.

3. Emotional Skills

With their beloved dolls, kids learn some emotional skills, like:

  • Caring and nurturing
  • Preparing for a sibling
  • Re-enacting interactions with their own family, friends and caregivers

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